Jia Lissa in Eltra


An Innocent ginger shows off

Gingers have always been known for getting unwanted flak by all sorts of people while growing up, but it sometimes pays off since you know there is nothing hotter and more rare than a natural sexy and beautiful ginger girl with insanely pale skin and sometimes freckles that go with the whole package. Today’s sensational ginger haired girl, Jia Lissa, has climbed to pose naked on top of a piano, as we know it is music to your ears when you hear that she is going all out from the beginning. The setting could have been a lot better arranged, and although the dripping art poster might be insinuating something nasty, fret not because you will forget all about it by the time you get the bigger picture here.

The innocence hinted on first sight of Jia’s visually stunning face, with these amazing seductive glossy lips and doll like eyes, quickly dissipates as this girl shows that she knows how to stretch her ass and give you a perfect view of every hidden detail down there with little effort. Her teenage looking body proportions and flexible legs suggest a lingering thirst for experiences beyond the ordinary, but the way she can adjust her hips and waist are reason enough for doubting there is any inexperience from her part at all. Slender body, amazing hair and even though her breasts are small, she does not lack the juicy parts and lust to make up for it all.

Apart from some secondary details that we would have certainly welcomed having been done differently, Jia Lissa is presented simply marvelously, and captured with an impeccable use of light for her performance to stand out. She can give off a unique sense of attraction even when she is acting modest, but she will not for a second shy away from provoking your urges by flashing her bald tight pussy straight up in your face.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 59%
Model - 90%
Lighting - 99%
Creativity - 67%
Quality - 97%


Total Score

User Rating: 4.55 ( 5 votes)

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