Salena Storm and Bella Rose in Kiss From A Rose


An extremely hot lesbian scene!

Never should you actually have to choose between a blonde and a brunette babe when their tight naked bodies are in such perfect sync with each other’s when you can simply just sit back and watch them work their feminine magic on a big ass couch that accommodates their two perfect round asses in return. If the garden of Eden had a couch laying in there somewhere, then it would most likely resemble this very scene each and every day. Petite horny and cute girls that particularly love tongue and finger play to best satiate their nasty appetites for sensual exploration is a match made in heaven but also filled with a load of hellish temptations nonetheless.

Those young flawless bodies that resemble what could be sculptured art, fit so well together like pieces of a puzzle and make you kinda wish nothing would make them stop their sexy show. Our sincere compliments go out to these amazing figured beauties for making our day brighter, but also to the work behind the scenes that made it all look so natural and alive beyond expectation. It is all a unique combination of naughty, dirty, beautiful but at the same time erotic feelings, portraying a larger number of emotions but on the bottom line, you can tell that these girls truly love eating each other’s ass, as much as we all would if we were in their shoes.

Overall a great photo shoot, with detail to everything starting from the girls and going as far as the insanely well delivered images, that will get you all riled up and leave you hungry for more action. One could not dream of a better way of starting their day, other than witnessing the incredible Salena, straight up storming cute Bella’s rose as she then returns the favor gladly.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 73%
Model - 91%
Lighting - 97%
Creativity - 67%
Quality - 94%


Total Score

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