AnsyQ in StasyQ 239


One of the hottest natural blondes!

This whole scene looks like it has been done in hiding, with some equipment laying here and there, squeezed in a small bedroom with the blinds closed and the curtains drawn as if someone could not wait a second more to tidy up and set things right. It’s a good thing that Ansy has brought along some equipment of her own because things would be looking grim otherwise. She is not the least bit disheartened by the shadiness of it all and poses while infused with a burning passion that will not let you look away as she stares directly into your soul. You are either going to make your move or she will be forced to pounce on you and suck you dry.

The light at times looks beautiful and makes the right parts stand out but in some other cases feels either not adequate or a bit too much, coming from too close and in excess. There is never an excess of ass and titties juicy like these however and we are willing to let things slide just this once. Ansy takes her time showing off her curves in a painfully sadistic waiting game with her round ample boobs staring you back menacingly the whole time. She throws herself on the sheets and we are all out of breath imagining what would follow if there was nothing stopping her from having her way.

There is no room for doubt, if this little red riding hood wore a dress like this and went out and about, chances are that big bad wolves would be the least of her problems. If something inside you is not telling you to eat this girl right up, then you probably just had your fill and it is a matter of time before you realize you want a piece of her ass badly.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 60%
Model - 100%
Lighting - 57%
Creativity - 89%
Quality - 70%


Total Score

User Rating: 4.17 ( 19 votes)

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