5 Reasons You Should Try Roleplay

Sex is great, sex is fun but sex can eventually get boring. When that happens, you start feeling like you’re missing out on all the amazingness that could be there but has been lost somehow.

Boring sex can be turned around if you and your partner are willing to communicate and consider some changes.

Out of all ways to spice things up, roleplay offers the most variety and excitement. While you may feel a bit silly doing it at first, roleplay is so addictive that you’ll soon be deep into the scenario, having the time of your life.

If you’re still not convinced, here are some of the main reasons why you should try a bit of bedroom roleplay every now and then.

It’s a Lot of Fun

Let’s start with the obvious first – roleplay is so much fun.

You don’t have a fixed scenario or a set of characters to play out during sexy time. You can be anything that the two of you enjoy – from a teacher and student combo to a pair of sexy aliens. You can play out a male virgin meets his favorite porn actress scenario. Sky is the limit and you don’t need to buy professional costumes or accessories to make roleplay happen.

A lot of fun stems from choosing the right outfits and setting the scene in your bedroom. The DIY approach will get you fantasizing long before actual sexy time has begun.

Even if a certain scenario doesn’t unfold exactly the way you envisioned it should, you have dozens of other possibilities to consider trying in the future.

It’s Liberating

Even the most confident of us have sexual insecurities and inhibitions. These could stem from body image issues, past relationship dynamics and even traumatic events.

Roleplay allows you to “become” someone else in the bedroom.

Having a persona is super liberating and getting into the role will often eliminate the most prominent sexual inhibitions. That’s why people who try roleplay scenarios are keener on doing new stuff in the bedroom that they wouldn’t be comfortable with under other circumstances.

If you feel that something’s holding you back from unleashing your real sexual potential, try roleplay. The difference in your sentiments and attitude will be massive.

Roleplay Builds Trust and Intimacy

It takes two to tango and make a roleplay scenario tremendously hot.

Good roleplay requires excellent communication. You should know what the setup is and you should also be very familiar with your partner’s boundaries.

This is especially important for roleplay setups that involve some kind of power dynamic. Both the submissive and the dominant partner should be doing enough talking. Will you be using accessories like submissive collars and restraints? Will there be any kind of impact play? Are you going to have a safe word in place?

These are things you need to discuss in advance. The more you talk, the more connected you’ll feel to your partner. The more connected you are, the hotter the sex will be!

Heightened Sensations and a Brand New Reality

Just like it liberates you from inhibitions, roleplay can also get rid of the constraints stemming from reality.

All of us need an escape from the mundane existence every once in a while. Becoming the star in your own adult movie provides an excellent opportunity to run away and become someone incredible, at least for a few hours.

That aspect of roleplay also contributes to heightened sensations and a lot more passion than you’d typically experience.

Roleplay engages you both mentally and physically. It puts certain notions in your head and gets you fantasizing and anticipating. As a result, the action itself feels a lot more intense and satisfying than regular vanilla sex.

It Takes You Out of Your Comfort Zone

The best way to get bored with every aspect of life is to remain comfortably within your zone of knowledge and experience.

Great stuff happens only when you get out of your comfort bubble.

Roleplay will often push you to explore aspects of your sexuality that you wouldn’t have considered.

You can engage in public play, dirty talk, dominance and submission or anything else that comes to mind.

Such scenarios could be awkward and embarrassing the first time you try them because they’re so new and different. Eventually, however, you’ll embrace the thrill and excitement that result from being so far away from your typical self.

So, if you need a bit of spice and excitement, try a roleplay scenario. It doesn’t have to be very out there. A classic sexy scene will do for many couples. Try the busy millionaire who falls in love with the housemaid. Or maybe you’d like to transform yourself into a pair of sexy vampires. The concept itself isn’t as important as the emotions it will arise inside of you. Anything that makes you feel giddy and impatient to take those clothes off is definitely worth pursuing.

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