JennyQ in StasyQ 259


Hot photoshoot of a bubble butt blonde!

You can tell at first sight the lovely Jenny looks astonishing enough with that particularly eccentric hair and fiery red lipstick, fitting perfectly in this futuristic and spacious room. Her high heels were made for being worn on these long slender legs and she trots around the place showing off her perfect ass cheeks making everyone drool in excitement. What is not apparent at first sight, is the unbelievable arch on this babe’s lower back that forms an S shape so unbelievably well, you probably still have trouble processing through. One can only assume she has a natural knack for riding hard and it would be a safe bet to say that if the chance presents itself, she can certainly go for miles at a time.

The round curves on Jenny’s awesome body have no ending and you can find more than a couple of things you can latch on, should the occasion should arise. She has this sexy and bossy air about her, and the setting just gets it through even more. If this was her office and you were hired, I bet you would be more than thrilled just by having the chance of working under her, even more so on top of her. The way she adjusts her body on his round table talks volumes and judging by that massive tattoo on her back as well as that sexy piece of underwear that stretches, barely enough covering her pussy, everything suggests that her kinkiness shoots high off the charts.

An enchanting girl with charm and potential for greatness beyond imagination, brought to you in a unique space that shines in pure white backgrounds, orchestrated and planned so good that this bimbo looks as if she is at home and ready to get you on your knees. You need only find the address and apply as her intern.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 77%
Model - 89%
Lighting - 92%
Creativity - 72%
Quality - 91%


Total Score

User Rating: 4.33 ( 9 votes)

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