Tube sites vs Paysites

The porn industry generates around 12 billion dollars every year. Of that, around 13 billion was in the US. Here are some other interesting statistics. Every second, 3,075 dollars is being spent on pornography. It seems like people don’t mind spending their cash on watching XXX content. There is a market for it, and paying for porn is not as uncommon as people might think. Let’s talk about the reasons why consumers are willing to spend money on porn and what do they get in return. Most of the spending goes to subscriptions to paysites and donations for webcam models and content creators. OnlyFans is a great example of having 1-on-1 transactions between creators and consumers. The girl or guy makes content, while the fans are willing to splurge to watch it. In some instances, they can pay their favourite pornstars to make a special custom video just for them. There are a lot of other cam sites where the viewers can watch the models live. They can interact, send donations, make requests, and enjoy the whole action first hand. The other way for people to spend their money on porn is by getting subscriptions. They usually cost between 24 and 36 dollars without any discounts. Let’s take a look at the exact prices. A Brazzers subscription costs $29.99 a month, but they always have special offers so it can go down to $9.99.

The same goes for Digital Playground, Mofos, Reality Kings, and Babes. These are some of the biggest production companies on the market, and they always upload the best-quality content. Some paysites charge more than them. It all depends on the type of content and the pornstars that they invite. A great example would be Evil Angel. They have a niche, so people who are interested in these types of movies will have to splurge a little more. Their whole idea is shooting inked babes and studs doing all kinds of kinky things. Their subscription costs $39.95. The same goes for Tushy ($35.95), VRCosplayX ($35.45), Vixen ($35.95), and Blacked Raw ($35.95). It is obvious that having more than one subscription can become quite costly. They usually have discounts and great offers, but it depends on the company. Now that we are more familiar with porn for pay, let’s dive deep into the world of free content. Tube sites are the places where people can watch hardcore movies without having to worry about their wallets. We can take as an example. Everything is easy to access and a pleasure to watch. Their videos are categorized, which makes it a lot more convenient to watch the specific type of videos that tick the boxes for the viewers. It’s possible to look for movies with certain pornstars, watch the newest stuff, and enjoy the most popular scenes on the website. It’s free, which is by far the biggest bonus. There are a couple of differences between these two worlds, and we are going to talk about them. The first one is the quality of the videos. There is no doubt that paysites do a much better job when it comes to uploading high-quality content. They want the movies to look great, and they put a lot of work into making it happen. When it comes to the tube sites, some videos might be a little blurry and of lower resolution. The other bonus is that the subscription-based websites offer full movies.

They upload content that can be 20-50 minutes long. They don’t skip anything, unlike the short versions from the free sites. Since we talked about the pros of spending money on your porn, let’s talk about the pros of being a user of free adult networks. The first advantage is the amount of content that you get. You can watch videos from any category you want. The same goes for watching the scenes that feature a particular performer. The beauty of it is that you can enjoy a 30-year-old vintage porn film as well as a new one. The second awesome thing is that there will always be new content uploaded. The majority of tube sites are expanding their collection with hundreds of scenes at a time. Besides that, people can upload their own amateur movies. Individual creators are never tired of making their fans horny, and they use tube sites to do it. As we can tell, there are pros and cons to both paying for your adult entertainment and not paying. On one hand, you have the high quality, and on the other one, you have the diversity and the number of things available.

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