Alex Lynn

Nancy in Sexy Fruit

Alex Lynn

The sexiest way to cut a fruit!

Sexy Nancy is hungry and she is stalking the kitchen for something juicy and sweet to sink her teeth in fast. Despite carrying around those wonderful shapely melons of hers, which we are certain would taste delicious, she wants to get her hands all dirty and maybe dip a finger or two into a sticky mess of fruit flavored goodness. Maybe even dip them in more than just fruity juices who knows? We do not judge. Of course no one will care if she makes a mess of the place, we know that deep down you wish she would do her worst anyway. In this tidy and really well equipped kitchen she probably enjoys more than just a freshly cut fruit while wearing nothing but her high heels on so it has to be kept to some standards.

You may be a fan of low hanging fruit in many occasions, but those easy accessible buttocks she is equipped with, are definitely not hanging at all. That ass that looks even tastier and ripe than any fruit we have seen so far and is probably the reason why Nancy keeps leaning forward and extending her bare behind and pussy so generously for the world to get a taste. It is as if her ass sits on top of her instead of the other way around. A sight so marvelous standing proud and firm, even the way those cheeks reflect the sunlight suggest that her ass looks brighter than my future.

Instead of cooking something weird or fancy, this set sticks to the basics with some solid and excellent pictures that stand out. Some knife action for the weird ones, a hot curvy blonde with proportions out of this world, and some unusual tongue play that gives away plenty enough. Remember to keep fresh fruit in your kitchen folks, it’s the all time favourite snack for babes that like to keep it simple.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 73%
Model - 89%
Lighting - 87%
Creativity - 80%
Quality - 88%


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User Rating: 5 ( 1 votes)

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