Lilit A in Careno


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Daisy dukes work like a charm every time no matter the time and no matter the place. Those buttocks don’t lie when you can see them clear as day hanging out so gracefully. Lilit puts them on and takes a stroll outside this old abandoned place with a wooden rusty door and gives some fresh perspective on the image of what we wish village girls looked like all the time. There is a certain appeal for those old places but there is an even better reason to check out the view as we are only getting started. You can still find some wood in the old wood oven but there is something cooking on the outside this time.

This hot blondie has been gifted with natural beauty all over the spectrum. The unbelievable roundness of her ass becomes obvious at first sight, and it looks so hot, she could light a fire just by rubbing it against anything. To avoid getting burned, just look at that pair of natural pointy titties which are more of a cool tasty treat as they pop out. Lilit has the image of a way too innocent girl with such a cute face and round eyes but with a spread of her legs you begin to wonder just how much of it all is really just an act.

Once more the natural setting combined with the old touch of traditional rock built houses just makes for an interesting idea for taking in all this beauty. All combined together with a smooth skinned slender body makes for a much more interesting yet still intriguing image. Considering all of the shots were captured in the shade of this building you cannot deny the impeccable work that has been done to give you this amazing chance of gazing upon this masterpiece.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 88%
Model - 91%
Lighting - 96%
Creativity - 84%
Quality - 95%


Total Score

User Rating: 4.65 ( 6 votes)

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  1. Lillianne (or Ariel) is extraordinarily cutiful! You know that rare, ideal, & fleeting combination of girlish cuteness & womanly beauty.
    I tend to prefer very long hair, but this style, regardless of its natural color, looks perfect framing her adorable face. With her extremely kissable lips, sweet smile, fair complexion, delightful figure, lovely breasts, and her exquisite, picture-perfect pussy/ clit, I’d gladly devote a whole day licking her until she lost count of her intense orgasms. One of the most perfectly attractive ladies on earth

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