Ariel in Farmwife


Our Thoughts about Ariel’s great photoshoot!

A farmer’s life can be challenging at times, rough and exhausting day in and day out, maybe boring in routines that take a lot of precious time. Thus there is one single solution to making it a life worth living day to day with excitement. Find yourself a bewitching hot AF redhead wife with immense boobs that defy gravity and an ass so majestic it brings a tear to your eyes every time you gaze upon it. It does not matter whether or not she can help with the heavy lifting or if she can work the fields like certain farm girls can. You know damn well that she can churn the butter all right.

The traditional red brick wall and golden sunlight in this room makes for perfection as the gorgeous Ariel climbs on top of the table to serve you with her tight bald pussy. Just watching the way her hair reflects the sun, gives you the impression that she is magically going to catch on fire any time now. It seems that she has left the sea life and from being a mermaid she has come to live in another fairy tale much more vivid and kinky – our kind of story. Undoubtedly an amazing setting to bring this babe into and she delivers with her devilish stare and enchanting looks that would enthrall any mortal who gazes upon her.

Her seducing poses are up to par with her ravishing figure and she would go wild given the chance as you can infer this is only the calm before the storm. We can definitely say that having this girl around in a farm will make your life worth living, although you might go out of business since you will barely refrain from spending as much time trying to milk her jugs instead of the cattle.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 80%
Model - 98%
Lighting - 97%
Creativity - 86%
Quality - 94%


Total Score

User Rating: 4.63 ( 6 votes)

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  1. Okay, so Ariel’s hair probably isn’t naturally red. But if she’s not married, it’d sure be nice to plow her furrow and plant my seed in it

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