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Nika in Venus Pool

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Sexy photoshoot of Nika in Venus Pool!

If you have ever wondered where wild and kinky girls go to enjoy the sea during their summer time vacations, this kind of rocky secluded shore seems to be a good place to start looking. Beautiful Nika is an expert when it comes to handling slippery and wet situations in extreme unwelcoming terrains. Laying on a floating mattress is not adventurous enough for her tastes, as she excels in facing hard and challenging endeavours better with her body exposed. She welcomes the refreshing summer breeze upon her smooth skin and loves the incoming tidal waves that rush splashing all over her.

Babes in the nude and the sunny seaside go hand in hand when it comes to what you would call an ideal setup for spending some time off the grid. No need to book any expensive tickets this time around, you can just get a glimpse of what you like and plan ahead. This sexy broad enjoys balancing in some risky angles and loves playing with water almost as much as we like watching her do it. With a marvelous ass such as this, she has not a care in the world and you can bet yours that even if she slips or loses her footing, it is just gonna save the day and break her fall in a jiffy.

Beach perfect bodies do not always belong to beaches filled with endless sand and as picture perfect photos just love including them all the time, you will be surprised to the extend of places they will go to capture them in action. It makes for a so much more refreshing result however, when you get to see such great looking babes having fun without a care in the world. So even if you are not bringing along a camera, the next time you are sightseeing or visiting remote seashores, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any delightful encounters.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 92%
Model - 86%
Lighting - 93%
Creativity - 86%
Quality - 91%


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User Rating: 5 ( 1 votes)

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