Gorgeous Paula U Swings Nude in the Forest (Swing Me)


A Beautiful Girl swings her nude ass in the forest

Swinging by the woods to find the perfect spot for relaxation, we happen upon Paula and her outdoor trusty hammock. This girl loves being close to nature and she gets one step closer with every less piece of clothing remaining on her body. She looks undeniably beautiful beyond words and adventurous enough to spend her free time literally hanging around this secluded area. Few are the cases when a good looking woman dares to go out camping and we do love exceptional traits. Aptly trained in handling the ropes and skillful no doubt, she has already set her little place under the trees and is about to get some time off.

It comes as no surprise that when she leans over and reveals her breathtaking ass to the camera, the heat starts rising to extremes and all eyes are fixated on that bottom half. Her bootylicious outline and absolutely mind numbing aesthetics, make everything seem so calm and natural as she casually makes herself comfortable. Spreading her legs while she climbs on top so she can feel the light breeze brushing up against her skin, it is time for her to just lay down and forget about everything but the sound of nature and the rope softly creaking every now and then from tension. Not forgetting about her viewership however, she has all sorts of treats to offer to the wanting eyes of strangers.

Her fair complexion that makes her look so pure and untouched by the sunlight so far, is just an illusion that fools onlookers but serves her cunning purposes. Paula takes pleasure when in the nude and under awkward positions she can show off that puffy little thing she keeps tucked between her two firm thighs. Simply thinking about stimulation certainly makes her juices flowing and there would be a lot of hungry wolves out there that would love to get a taste of her nectar or even give her a few good swings.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 87%
Model - 96%
Lighting - 98%
Creativity - 80%
Quality - 97%


Total Score

User Rating: 3.95 ( 3 votes)

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