Sade Mare in Chella


Our thoughts!

Sade Mare’s sensual posing in the great outdoors is what today’s mood is all about. We would like to take you out for a field trip so that you too can witness true beauty in its natural habitat. What could possibly be better and more pleasing to the eye than a scene shot out in the country? Amidst the green and pine trees in a sunny day is the perfect setup you could hope for so as to enjoy this hot babe to the maximum. If you ever imagined of the garden of Eden, you know it would be full of naked babes sunbathing and chilling, laying out on the grass while you walk by.

Long sexy, endless legs is the name of the game and this brunette has some and then some more. A perfect figure, nimble body and those puffy nips that compliment even more her natural boobs just make you imagine what it feels like to go through this body with your own two hands. To top things off, she’s got a tight shaved pussy which is as refreshing as it is enjoyable, both to her and us to watch. In a sunny day as such, you can appreciate every inch of her skin shining bright and even under the shade of trees this photoshoot delivers.

Although it might not be the setting you have never seen before, a session under the great blue sky is always appreciated when done right. And done right it is by all means! As for the quality of the photos, everything looks top notch and pleasing to the eye.

The colors are vibrant and smooth, the camera’s focus is well adjusted and I think the pictures speak for themselves and have such an amazing story to tell if only you stay a while and listen.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 73%
Model - 85%
Lighting - 98%
Creativity - 67%
Quality - 100%


Total Score

User Rating: 4.81 ( 4 votes)

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