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Viva in Wall to Wall

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Our Thoughts!

The walls are closing in, and Viva can’t seem to constrain herself just right after getting through the door, she is ready to go for miles and miles. You wouldn’t want to leave her there just hanging or she might do something crazy. Maybe crazy is what you have in mind though so it all works out just fine anyways. She will not however stop touching herself and neither would you given this slender body of hers, dat ass and shapely legs but also that smoking hot little pussy she does not seem to be able of letting go off.

A small corridor with nothing but the door and a hanger seems like a bit too rushed and cramped up in space, but then again you have this crazy energetic and young nympho jumping all over the place so why would a conventional room do instead? As long as there is something to lean up against and get her going, sexy Viva seems to have no issues whatsoever in just pushing your buttons and playing with her hole. To top it all off, great long hair is to many of us a huge plus in a girl and even if that is not to your tastes, we are certain her amazing boobs will comfort your soul no less. A weird choice of a place for this shooting as we mentioned, but without a doubt there is not a hint of a rushed job done with the lights hitting this lustful vixen as she struts her tail about.

Merely being all over the place feels like there is so much happening here all the time and that probably beats having Viva pose up against the walls or possibly on the floor but we do get the idea that something is still missing that could turn this into a unique idea. We can talk ideas but facts are just as important to take into consideration so feel free to marvel at this work’s pictures as they are indeed a pleasure to go through and that tells us quality here is a fact.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 50%
Model - 91%
Lighting - 94%
Creativity - 50%
Quality - 92%


Total Score

User Rating: 4.67 ( 3 votes)

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