Ali Rose in News Flash


Enjoy this juicy brunette.

Newspapers might be a bit outdated, but your girl Ali Rose likes reading hers with her freshly brewed coffee on the bed in this fine morning. You cannot argue about the atmosphere created in a warm bedroom with the fireplace lit especially on a weekend of relaxation and leisure time. It is okay if things heat up some more, as she will trade you some generous skin flashing in return for fetching her the paper and you can study her while she reads on. There is nothing quite like the naked truth presented right before your very eyes, so roundish and delicious.

In this spacious and actually empty looking room it is hard to lose focus from the sight of this brunette’s astonishing and massive boobs dangling freely as she looks over your way like she knows exactly what goes on in your mind. She pretends to be reading but keeps you in check and probably takes pleasure in teasing ever so much all her onlookers. The door is open after all so there is no need to read between the lines as to what she is up to. Sharing is caring and the goods are meant to be shown to the world, as for certain the entire neighborhood should be having their coffee by their windows sneaking peeks in excitement by now.

After all, even the sun has not looked upon her sexy body for quite some time, surely not since forming those tasty tan lines. And so it is our turn to fulfill our duty of presenting you with this girl’s fantastic display of natural looking beauty. You can bet the postman and paper boys near her residence are constantly looking for an excuse to ring her bell in hopes of getting her to show up dressed as lightly as possible.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 80%
Model - 95%
Lighting - 95%
Creativity - 82%
Quality - 98%


Total Score

User Rating: 5 ( 3 votes)

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