Melena in Ardae


Melena fingering her ass and pussy!

The countryside is always nice to be in, but it could be that your place is missing just a few more additions to take it up a notch. Obviously a relaxing backyard with all sorts of green and natural looking rocks scores high enough, but why not bring your comfy anatomic chair to help you spend the time in even more comfort. And while at it, you better not forget to invite Melena who’s experienced in physically evaluating such circumstantial lodging and the accommodation they provide. So what if her methods are a little unconventional? You can definitely tell whether it gets her approval easily.

She travels light and dresses even lighter, but you can discern how she is a master in her field. And although some might argue that business should go first and pleasure after, Melena is not concerned about protocol and following procedure. It is a fine sunny day, the place is to her liking, and she has no restraint about taking a break and having a good time. This girl is properly trained and marvelously gifted to make you forget about whatever reason it was that she came over in the first place. She will just indulge you with a helping of her smooth pink pussy, spread her legs and start right on the spot dipping her fingers in every hole available.

A girl lying naked under the sun, hot and ready, beautiful and stylish could give your day the turn you need. It makes you wish the business world was full of girls like her, even though unfair, it would make for a thrill to experience, and you would not miss a meeting for anything in the world. Such perfect skin and glossy lips will get her far enough no matter what she puts her mind and body to.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 83%
Model - 92%
Lighting - 94%
Creativity - 70%
Quality - 95%


Total Score

User Rating: 4.88 ( 3 votes)

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  1. Melena’s pussy is splendid looking! Let’s just hope she didn’t put her finger in it right after it was in her butt.

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