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Alma In Forest Affair 2

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Our Thoughts!

A day to remember and a chance for some fresh air with an equally refreshing photo session has arrived. Alma is out hiking in the wilds and we have already gotten on board the trip to get some memories. This cutie loves going out in the sun all naked and poses in a uniquely uplifting mood. A girl rocking an all natural look that fits perfectly with nature, flowers and a springtime scenery made for this capture. A forgotten old bench will do just fine for Alma to take a moment and relax, to give you also a chance to catch your breath. This wonderful brunette seems like she’s at home in this amazing setting which gives out a feeling that cannot be described with words. Alma might not have the gym tight fit looking muscles, but she has a natural beauty that is second to none, two petite pointy boobies that fit in the palm of your hand and a really feminine figure. Also a sexy smile and a sweet shaved pussy is more than enough to get anyone straight up interested I’m sure. The lights in this place are brimming and in abundance, makes it a joy to look at and speaks volumes in highlighting every little curve.

Overall you can tell of the great atmosphere and the well adjusted layout for this shooting, with nothing outright new as a concept but very interestingly put together, provided with some genuinely good posing and flirtatious tones from our model. Where it all shines through though, is the image quality here, giving you the chance to enjoy this well put together piece and we guarantee you will thank your eyes they witnessed this splendor in your screen. Greener than green and more than realistic coloring that is worth of praise.

Scenery - 87%
Model - 78%
Lighting - 100%
Creativity - 72%
Quality - 100%


Total Score

User Rating: 4.85 ( 2 votes)

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