Presenting Giana


Our Thoughts!

The presentation of young and charismatic Giana does indeed appear alluring and has piqued our interest to say the least. A rather intriguing girl, brought before us in a boring and monotonous environment though, which has a few good and exciting merits about it as a concept but seems to be rather wanting in some ways. Definately something not much outside the ordinary as a subject, but nevertheless a very well executed and well designed set that is pleasing to the eye. Nothing much to distract our attention from our rather petite little nymph as she fills this room with an air of charm and natural freshness. Sexy Giana has all it takes to give us wild future expectations and reasons to become her dedicated followers. A very feminine silhouette with a pair of firm natural boobs, an amazingly cute face and a deliciously peachy young puss. Her few small imperfections add even more so to her unique character, and as all new talent is always greatly appreciated here, we can say for certain her career looks promising.

The photos are all brimming with light and you can tell by the way it bounces off of every roundish body curve that it is used to an impecable extent and with professional expertise. No weird or unorthodox poses being tried out here, a session done by the book that captures the essence and does not use any excessive angles whatsoever. Perhaps a sublime form of teasing, putting the piece of translucent clothing in play could have made a different impact to some extent however small. Thus the final result is a solid work in which we can admire the beauty and innocence of this young kitten and do so in a quality that meets our expectations as a diamond in the rough.

Review Photoshoot

Scenery - 50%
Model - 65%
Lighting - 86%
Creativity - 45%
Quality - 75%


Total Score

User Rating: 4.14 ( 4 votes)

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