Alex Lynn

Hilary in Before Christmas

Alex Lynn

Best view before Christmas eve!

Christmas is always over way too fast and by the time it’s new year’s eve, most of it is already forgotten and gone. So you can have one more chance to take in the Christmas joy of a present unwrapping itself in front of you with the crazy beautiful Hilary serving as both Santa and your gift for the occasion. However, fitting underneath the Christmas tree would be too much of an inconvenience for everyone, so you can find her lazing all over the bed instead. This festive time of the year calls for mandatory attire although in this case, the less material is used on the exterior, the better the outcome looks.

Santa himself would be conflicted as this girl appears to have been both naughty and nice and with a booty like that you can bet your sweet ass he would not mind in the least to bend some rules. Heck you may even find some of his elves rushing down the chimney just to take a look at this beauty’s natural goods. She can probably mount the wall while spreading and stretching in anticipation, as her small skinny frame enables an amazingly broad set of scenarios you could not otherwise ever consider possible. Even more in the spirit of pleasant surprises, Hilary’s teen meaty pussy makes an appearance that is the icing on the cake.

She is here to guarantee you stay up all night busy and comfort you so you don’t worry if Santa decides not to drop by your place this year. You know he will be kept busy elsewhere for sure but at least you get some delicious eye candy for your Christmas stocking this time around. Thinking twice, it would be so much better if it was a horny brunette that you expected to slide down your chimney and deliver your personal gift in nothing but her socks.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 61%
Model - 93%
Lighting - 90%
Creativity - 67%
Quality - 92%


Total Score

User Rating: 4.14 ( 4 votes)

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