Alex Lynn

Kay J in Self Admiration

Alex Lynn

Our Thoughts!

Mirrors always tell the cold hard truth and show you things for what they really are, although reflected, they present the facts and never lie. And you could argue that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but you know that it is there and when she looks like this she knows it as well. After all if gorgeous women did not love themselves, they would certainly have to be out of their freaking minds. If she cannot take her eyes off her reflection, we might as well give this girl a good look from head to toes, or even better maybe focus a bit more on the middle of things. You know the perfect place to find this babe with nothing but a towel on is when she has already showered and is beginning to feel all touchy and wet.
Mind not the surroundings as they will only distract you from what is important and if you need some pointers, you should only check out those pointy perky nips that tell you everything you have to know about the situation. Kay J is absolutely stunning and with looks like these to kill, she could fit in some crazy narratives. If we know one thing about women is they love cosmetics and multi purpose ointments of all sorts. She does however seem to be loving her body even more than anything else today. Brimming with light in this glorious setup, we love everything about the way her skin glistens and shines, never too much and never too little, with even the lamps over the mirror it all looks so natural.
Sexy happenings in the bathing facilities is sure nothing too new you would agree, but a babe looking happy to enjoy her own figure in the mirror has never looked so right and this good.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 60%
Model - 95%
Lighting - 91%
Creativity - 53%
Quality - 92%


Total Score

User Rating: 4.53 ( 2 votes)

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  1. So far so good! Your thoughts are amazing and I have no doubt in this. I personally Never believe mass media or even low standard writeups. You are amazing and thoughtful. Keep it up. Dr Mathew hall.

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