Monika V in Read My Lips


A Blonde to be remembered

If you have never quit from being a fan of overly cute blonde girls, and if you are always hyped for the chance of gazing upon some piercing deep blue eyes, then Monika is here for your very own enjoyment and pleasure. This slim little doll looks like an enigma of sorts. Her expressions keep sending some unclear mixed signals that appear kind of impossible to comprehend. Is she happy to be here posing, or is she lost in deep thoughts about something else going on? One thing is clear enough though, if a girl appears in nothing but a sleeveless shirt showing off some sideboob, she is most likely thinking with the right mindset.

Monika’s skinny physique is certainly a feature loved by many, and you can see she is admirably well versed in spreading wide and standing on her toes. Heck she can even balance her ass on a bar stool with such little effort. Her titties are not to be underestimated under any circumstances, however what stands out the most about her unique feminine anatomy on first sight and not only, is her juicy and particularly meaty pussy that just pops out no matter how she stands. She is packing the kind of pussy lips that will kiss you right back as soon as you try to eat her out. Watch out for the suction on that thing, because it looks like she can get ahold of you if she so desires.

With a really bright looking face and an overall splendid tight body, Monika will guarantee you get to see her in a really positive and interesting new light if at first you thought she is not your type. After all, her choice in clothing might give off a lot more than her looks would for sure.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 53%
Model - 96%
Lighting - 100%
Creativity - 55%
Quality - 100%


Total Score

User Rating: 4.65 ( 1 votes)

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