Ilvy Kokomo Painting her Body (Night Vision)


Artistic Nudity

Locked away in seclusion within her own artistic abode, lies the visually stunning Ilvy Kokomo where she loves spending her time and bringing her artwork to life. In a ritual of seduction and art, she really gets drawn in as she works on her brush strokes which is like getting her fix of pleasure for the day. You can’t say if it is simply the smell of paint or the process that gets her all fluttered up but this girl looks so captivating by just wearing those worn out and color stained clothes. Clearly her inspiration derives from more than just fantasy as she looks like she gets more into it the more her body gets exposed. We all had our suspicions about nude portraits and the way they get made, but this brings about a whole new perspective to the term.

An undeniable beauty with great long brown hair is always up there on the very top of the list of things we consider to be an inspiration for great art. Even more so when the one in question shows further qualities that leave her audience absolutely speechless and in awe for the spectacle before them. People viewing those perfect shaped tits as they bounce out while Ilvy removes her top, must already be drooling for they are simply a marvel to look at, so firm and full as they would be if they had been drawn on a painting. Looking like she could be her very own muse herself, this one of a kind awesome babe certainly has us claiming her image as our source for inspiration now.

Knowing the part, she is no stranger to posing and modeling for the occasion as well, and she seems to be loving adopting both perspectives and acting them out in the process. And why not use her own body as a canvas to get a little more creative and playful? It looks after all that she enjoys the results even more than we do for once.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 71%
Model - 93%
Lighting - 82%
Creativity - 86%
Quality - 94%


Total Score

User Rating: 4.43 ( 2 votes)

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