Erotic Celia Reading a Book Naked (Bedtime Story)


The Erotic Version of this Hot Blonde

Some people cannot go to sleep if they are not feeling completely exhausted, while others need pillows for their legs or some dim light shining in the room. For sexy Celia however, things are not really that particularly demanding. She has a ritual of her own and it involves usually immersing herself in a book story that really draws her in and of course going to sleep completely naked. She just loves getting all nice and comfortable after a long day. Simply taking off her bra and panties can make her feel so much more at ease and refreshed. Her king sized bed is always full of pillows and ready for her to jump in as there is nothing more soothing to her than laying down and focusing on herself.

This slender well toned body and her cute natural titties grant her all the freedom of movement that she needs and she can either lay flat on her belly or assume any other weird position she fathoms without fearing of getting sore or feeling restricted. Reading her favorite books for hours at a time just gets her in all sorts of different moods and she does not refrain from touching her body at all when things get her fired up. You will occasionally catch her pausing and aimlessly beginning to daydream about various topics or maybe occasionally reaching out with her hands or fingers and feeling herself for some moments of joy and excitement.

Gorgeous and enticing Celia acts as quite the loner in her shadowy room all bubbled up in her own little world with her fantasies and interests. You can tell it will not be long though till her uneasy mind and curiosity drive her to get even more creative and active about the way she prepares herself to go to sleep.

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Scenery - 70%
Model - 92%
Lighting - 96%
Creativity - 75%
Quality - 96%


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