Bailey Rayne in Blissful Morning


Our Thoughts!

I don’t care if you consider yourself a morning person or not, but Bailey Rayne lying on your bed with nothing but an unbuttoned shirt is all that you need to make your morning worth the while. Coffee doesn’t even come close to giving you a rush in such early hours as a pair of well adjusted boobs on a blonde blue-eyed bombshell does! So rub your sleepy eyes and wake up already to join in the fun.

Simple is best in many cases, but as you can attest in this case it doesn’t even matter what’s around the place. An empty casual room, a bed with snow white covers and of course a jaw dropping babe is all you need to make it work if you know what i mean. Captivating in every aspect, the focus shifts on this girl’s magnificence and beauty… Angelic long blonde hair, mesmerizing deep blue eyes, enchanting sexy curves and round natural boobs all in perfect harmony, only to be topped off with a great smile. It’s heaven in a bedroom if I ever saw it. The lighting here is the least to say phenomenal, and you can see this gorgeous body gleaming in more than one ways as her naked skin bathes in sun rays. As it turns out a well lit home is after all important for reasons you had yet to discern till now.

Nothing much to add in the creative setting of our theme, but as I said before, a simple idea of a beautiful model posing on pure white sheets can be all you need for waking up to starting your day with a perfect blissful morning. Save for a few small details the quality of this session is fairly good and you can be sure to enjoy this girl in all her glory, although it leaves us wanting and craving for more.

Scenery - 52%
Model - 86%
Lighting - 83%
Creativity - 58%
Quality - 76%


Total Score

User Rating: 4.6 ( 3 votes)

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