Juicy Cruzlyn Stripping (Tropical Summer)


Tropical Babe Cruzlyn

Summer hype is never too far away and the one most essential thing that speaks true into the hearts of hardcore summer fans is of course without fail a well endowed, perfectly sculpted and hot ass body on a fine looking girl. Tropical babes are the one true passion that will not let you down since they live and breathe for the sun and sea like no other. Sexy and smokin hot Cruzlyn is no stranger to your heart’s desires but she has her priorities set straight beforehand. Working out hard and acquiring the perfect tan is a given for this little fox and she is looking for all kinds of trouble you would ever hope she would be.

Her asian and ample exotic features give away too much before she even begins to show you anything more. That flawless sparkling skin of hers is looking smoother than a baby’s ass and you can bet her own splendid round and firm ass cheeks do feel heavenly although even hotter than hell, to the touch. This sexy bombshell has nothing to hide from anyone and would instead insist that you watch her closely and thoroughly as she climbs out of her needlessly plain swimsuit to make an impression befitting her insane godlike figure.

Posing like a nymph that expects to be worshiped, imposing with her look and not hiding her thirst for something hot, Cruzlyn is ready for a tasting and the only thing that we can tell is not wet yet are her gorgeous long hair. Perky and round superb boobs with nipples erect and hard like steel, a slim waist that makes curves stand out so outstandingly elegant, and a setting that comes straight out of a music video depicting your summer paradise is what really summer should be about!

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 96%
Model - 95%
Lighting - 94%
Creativity - 71%
Quality - 94%


Total Score

User Rating: 4.68 ( 4 votes)

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