Juicy Justyna Undresses By The Pool (Deep Blue)


Justyna, juicy and sexy

We are once more nearing that time of the year when it is just game on for sexy oiled bodies to hit the beaches, start raising hell and making jaws drop. Impatient and capricious Justyna takes the day off to spend it by the pool to get some work done on her tan and to get in the mentality of provoking, teasing and relaxing at the same time. This busty babe stands out incredibly with those red hot puffy lips, her charming eyes and of course these amazingly shaped mounds she puts forward as she removes her top. Dipping her toes in the water and feeling that cool refreshing drop in the temperature on the breeze, only makes her nipples get harder than they already were so she is up and ready to get entirely wet.

Her bottom might have gotten all wet, but she will not leave her swimsuit on now. It only feels right when she can sense the bubbling water tickle and excite her in every part of her body after all. As she turns around and grants us view of her astounding smooth ass, it comes as no surprise that her entire figure is tight and fit as we applaud her for it. Her different tattoos look a bit random at times, but that particular one on her back makes you want to run your finger all the way down that curve and follow up until you see her react to it with a smile. The only thing this brunette babe seems to be missing now is company for some extreme team water play.

Once she has stepped out of the water and is laying her body down on the ledge, she leaves her skin to dry naturally while flexing and posing since she knows everyone enjoys it as much as she does. She might however be getting wet again, as her mind is now elsewhere when she looks towards your way.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 76%
Model - 93%
Lighting - 94%
Creativity - 68%
Quality - 94%


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User Rating: 4.72 ( 3 votes)

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