Elegant Sade Mare stripping by the pool (Enua)


Sexy brunette, isn’t she?

Sporty, sexy and elegant Sade Mare is out and about to hit the pool for good today. This lovely brunette knows how to appeal to her audience and surely just adores messing with water sports. Getting wet and wild is just her typical day and she has hand picked that sexy pink swimsuit for the occasion. After all water seems to be this girls element and spending time by the pool is where she feels right at home. Would you not care to join her in the water when she looks like she could use the company? Pink looks like it really is her color but you can see it clearly that all she wants to do is to get out of that tight little piece of cloth that is restricting her moves.

With nipples already rock hard and aroused, Sade Mare is looking great and she can feel the lustful gazes upon her body when she walks around on her toes. Long and slim legs can never disappoint especially when her whole body is fit and looking tight from head to toes. She could not be looking any more enticing as she loves bending over and showing off every last bit of her beauty. Not to say the least about her firm bald and already spread out pussy, looking like she could devour you for breakfast in a heartbeat.

Her body cannot resist the urge and as she lays there naked the only thing that’s left to do is get a taste of her own sweet spot for good. Readying her fingers, she is only getting started but it really is going to take a while for her to get back to swimming in the pool. Day in and day out practicing hard it can sometimes be long till she gets a moment of brief enjoyment to better gather her strength.

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Lighting - 100%
Creativity - 75%
Quality - 100%


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