Lesbian Scene with Misty and Heidi (Girl Crush)


Misty and Heidi like Oil and FIre

Like oil and fire mixing together, scandalous little devils Misty and Heidi were supposed only to be hanging out and doing each other’s hair and nails as usual. The sexual tension builds up too fast however, and the two naughty vixens end up doing each other instead. How could they resist the sight of such soft lips and the warmth of their bodies being so close to each other? Silky see through night dresses being our all time favorites in such cases could very well be the spark that ignites the flames but anyway we love the outcome when girls come together in front of the camera regardless of the premises.

Both of our girls are stacked and very well endowed, which is always a fine start worthy of praise to say the least. But they won’t lose time lingering on admiring each other’s bodies for too long as they seem hungry and horny so much that momentum builds up and that drive will not stop them for nothing else. Quickly laying on the bed with legs wide open, indulging in some tongue action is only first up on the menu. Eating each other out is something those lesbians go crazy over, just loving the moment and getting even more aroused. Fresh shaved pussies that rub each other out in a vigorous battle on the sheets only add more fuel to their lust for each other, while they lock eyes and go deeper into limbo.

Tossing and fumbling about, they take turns in pleasuring each other until they ultimately finish off one another with their fingers for their maximum enjoyment. Only after they feel gratified and exhausted they lay one body next to the other getting some rest before they find the strength to go at it again for round two.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 72%
Model - 94%
Lighting - 92%
Creativity - 75%
Quality - 95%


Total Score

User Rating: 3.66 ( 4 votes)

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  1. Misty & Heidi look so wonderful together. I’d lick them both all day & all night. Not sure which one has the light red hair, but judging by her eyebrows, it’d be delightful to go down on her with her bush in full blossom!

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