Alex Lynn

Passionate Mila Azul Touching Herself (Passion)

Alex Lynn

Young Busty Mila Azul

It is already springtime for good and the young lovely Mila Azul just can’t seem to focus on getting anything productive done no matter what. Everywhere she goes and everything she does all day ends up being disrupted by some mysterious force that is driving her to act in a completely irregular manner. This time around she finds herself in her study, when a familiar urge for some alone playful time supersedes all other thoughts and feelings. It could be the cause of her wandering around the house half naked most of the time, but her body is calling the shots today so there is nothing else for her to do but submit to its will and obey the cravings calling for self satisfaction.

Hard as ever to resist these insane blobs of seduction hanging from her chest, it is so difficult not to be taken in by their mere image when she is already flashing them so boldly and full of pride. This well sculpted body is driving even her to extremes, and she will never stop touching herself once the game is on. She only pauses to get every piece of clothing off and goes on for good as if nothing can stop her. This sexy brunette has a thing for old furniture as much as she does for fingering her pussy, and she loves getting freaky all over the place, climbing and leaning up against anything she can find to better pose for your viewing pleasure.

Hot and voluptuous as always, she subtly beckons in her search for company. Never forgetting to show off her goods, Mila is sure to spread her legs and show you that freshly shaved pussy of hers, knowing perfectly well that there is no running away from her honey trap when she lures in her willing victims.

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Scenery - 68%
Model - 95%
Lighting - 94%
Creativity - 70%
Quality - 94%


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User Rating: 4.84 ( 4 votes)

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