BergyQ in StasyQ 236


Sexy Alla Berger and her tattoos

Bad girls will never run out of style and the world will never run out of wicked looking sexy babes or the affinity for more of them. Tattoos and piercings do have their own stories to tell, but we learn that context matters even more and wouldn’t you love to uncover the secrets that are hidden in this tasty wild broad’s body? In a house that looks as if it could be a rockstar’s crib, so heavy on old furniture and decorations tracing all the way up its tall ceiling you are really likely to come across some particularly intriguing female company that suits your tastes.

So when in such a place and all alone with nothing to do, this sexy devil can turn to only one way of keeping herself busy and entertained. After all, looking out through the window can only keep her sane for only a fleeting moment before deciding she’s got other plans for the rest of the day. Gnawing on the cords of her red one-piece with that look on her, more or less gives away some of her appetite for mayhem. Beautiful round and shapely boobs will never fail you and even in the darkness they give you something to hang on to if need be. Nevertheless, look for a plush comfy armchair for that is what Bergy prefers to lay her half naked body on and she seems to be waiting on you to make the next move before the situation blows out of proportion.

Deviant tastes could always include pleasant surprises if you are brave enough and open to new experiences, even if your best guess considering her intentions is as good as ours, this broad looks the part. So seize the day, trust your instincts and go forth for some hard rocking and rolling.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 63%
Model - 94%
Lighting - 65%
Creativity - 78%
Quality - 90%


Total Score

User Rating: 4.8 ( 2 votes)

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