Alex Lynn

Nancy in Studying

Alex Lynn

Do angels have to study?

Even the most hardcore studious little bookworms need to take their minds off the never ending grind of intense reading sessions. Some prefer to go outside for strolls, while others indulge in music or movies. Nancy however is into some of the more effective stress relieving hobbies that include sometimes making a mess of things around her. Certainly the most popular method among guys, but she just might be one of the girls that have managed to crack the code and discovered where the real pleasures of life are hidden. So she sets her pen and books aside for some downtime between her daily studies and starts working on the more fun aspects of being a girl in a hot shapely body as such.

Dressing light might not do much in terms of helping her focus, but it does serve the purpose of effortlessly letting her perky round pair of teen boobies loose and free. No time wasted at all and she has thrown it all off, stripped down to nothing but her comfy shoes and her imagination runs wild. This restless sensation is surely growing on her and her finger play eventually gets from caressing and gentle clit rubbing to some further increasingly intense thrusting and grabbing. As the feeling escalates, Nancy moves from laying back on her chair and simply exploring herself to sitting on top of the glass table she uses for studying.

This is no longer a day to think about studies but giving in to her urges she might go on and on until she feels that she is completely exhausted or somewhat satisfied for the moment. Addiction is limited to no small number of cases, though Nancy might have just discovered her drug by some wonderful chance. We had better stick around and watch closely until it is time for her finals.

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Scenery - 70%
Model - 91%
Lighting - 100%
Creativity - 81%
Quality - 100%


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User Rating: 4.43 ( 6 votes)

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