Serena in Road Closed


Serena’s nude body, exposed to nature

What really lies at the end of the road will forever remain a question unanswered. What actually does linger by this particular closed dirt road however, is evidently a hot sexy brunette waiting for some real undisclosed action so impatiently at the gate barrier. Clearly encountering Serena out here in the middle of nowhere, during a hot sunny day beats simply coming across a closed off area of a dirt road when you have already been driving around for hours. So let her help you blow off some steam and take your mind off the minor inconveniences of the day. You would pull over just to take a closer look even if you came across her by chance anyways.

With eyes locked on camera, she stares persistently giving off an aura so captivating about her and that expression that looks increasingly wanting, makes the day heat up even more. She comes prepared for the occasion, with no pants or even underwear on sight, and eagerly lifting her shirt, flashing away her bare ass is enough to give you the green light to proceed. Her two horny little titties make an appearance too as she begins to throw some even more aggressive moves towards your way. With her pussy all spread out there is no room for doubt. this girl is after something wicked.

Before the day goes by, she appears to be determined to demonstrate her aptitude for riding and working her way around a long hard pole in various ways. Nevertheless, she is bound to get some extra helping, enough to keep her busy and maybe quench her thirst for adventure in desolate dirt roads by the woods in the process. She could be stranded all the way out there by an unlikely series of events, or she is indeed there acting out her fantasies and whims by denying passage to complete strangers lucky enough to drive by.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 75%
Model - 95%
Lighting - 100%
Creativity - 86%
Quality - 100%


Total Score

User Rating: 4.53 ( 3 votes)

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