Little Caprice in Blue


Those fishnets won’t be an obstacle

Walking in the bedroom with the feisty Little Caprice will get your blood pumping and your eyes glowing with excitement for what is to come next. Looking like a real teenage fantasy in her bedroom just waiting on you with nothing but some sexy fishnets that are already somewhat torn away. It might be a great day outside, with plenty of light that shines a tad too bright, but things are actually looking even brighter in here and there is no better place you would rather be right now. Careful though as one could go blind from staring too much at those amazing perky tits that are totally staring back at you. This girl looks as if she could not keep her hands to herself even if she wanted to at this point.

Climbing on the bed, she cannot contain her urges any more and she proceeds to tear and pull on those fishnets to get them out of the way from covering her pussy ever so slightly. Any more than that and any man in that room would be tearing away on them with his bare teeth to get em off his way. Her amazing ass is a force to be reckoned with and she surely knows what goes through your mind when she flexes her behind towards the camera lens. Looking so innocent and cute at first sight, but her body language suggests otherwise. One night and she could teach you much more than you ever possibly expected to learn.

This brunette’s body at work is definitely an enchanting vision to behold while she gives some lustful looks, feeling ready to give in to her own restlessness. An excellent capture of Caprice’s beauty, and an intriguing use of the mirror shots gives this piece a refreshing taste. Nothing short of perfection in the light on set and a capricious horny teen to show off everything, done ever so right.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 78%
Model - 91%
Lighting - 91%
Creativity - 73%
Quality - 92%


Total Score

User Rating: 4.7 ( 1 votes)

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