FerdyQ in StasyQ 266


A gorgeous blonde angel strips by the window

If it is another slow boring day that you are experiencing, why not come over and take a seat by our side. FerdyQ is already undressed for the occasion and we will start low before building up towards the ceiling. All this black and white motif you see at first will be gone once you start moving closer and take a better and more careful look upon this girl’s figure. Trace upward her long tight legs and you’ll realize this masterpiece of an ass is not the only thing hiding some really juicy secrets. Laces on underwear are a fine touch but you can always tell that the better ones are always those that allow you to see through the fabric. They are always on your side whether they are on or even when they are off.

This dark blonde haired babe is an absolute vision, and her fine toned physique has us staring at every minor detail upon her perfect body inch by inch. She appears to be always on her toes when excited about something but she is not the only one in this instance. Her natural roundish tits that look so perky and flawless, are not in any excess but fit her image in just the right size. It becomes obvious when she actually turns her back on camera, that this ass is somewhat of a dream come true, despite of always knowing that would be the case when you first laid eyes upon this broad.

Hidden somewhere deep within there lies a fresh bald pussy that looks as enticing as the gorgeous FerdyQ in her entirety and you can only imagine how tight it feels. Even at the absence of light, you can see her beautiful sculptured like body giving out so much detail on every tiny muscle. From head to toes this awesome girl is more than enough to guarantee making your day fascinating again.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 61%
Model - 94%
Lighting - 85%
Creativity - 75%
Quality - 94%


Total Score

User Rating: 4.4 ( 2 votes)

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