Nude photos of Elouisa from MetartX (Before My Shoot 1)


Nude Louisa in Red thong and red high heels

Backstage is not usually where the magic happens but today will have to be an exception. Some of the major parts of preparation take place back here away from crowds and cameras. So why not take a peek behind the scenes, since Elouisa is right now putting on a show before her shoot even begins. Sexy subtle makeup and hair styled to the extreme, take her already jaw dropping looks to an entirely different level. Not to mention clothing with buttons half undone which is one of the mysteries that make girls automatically look so damn hot. It is so effective that she cannot fight it herself. Powerless to resist she can only slip her fingers down her loose panties and start working on herself some more.

Having to get ready all over again from the start does not really matter to her. Clothing comes off fast, the bra falls flat on the floor and her frisky tiny tits are glad to breathe the air of freedom. Apart from breast size, this girl has some serious killer body but you can already tell from the very beginning. Her ass just squeezes that flimsy piece of clothing in between her two firm buttocks and it won’t let go unless instructed to. She does however never neglect to play with her kitten even if it loves hide and seek. Dangerous to play hardball with nails like hers, but she can’t help playing with fire when push comes to shove.

Only a few seconds later, you can find Elouisa laid back on her chair, with legs mounted over her left and right, spreading like it’s action time. People might want to take a rain check on her public appearance, since she has already started what has to make her finish. Once the shoes are off, it is definitely going to take a while for her to get out of the mood she is in now.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 62%
Model - 91%
Lighting - 98%
Creativity - 70%
Quality - 100%


Total Score

User Rating: 3.25 ( 2 votes)

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