Gloria Sol in Jaddia


Our Thoughts!

Glorious long haired Gloria Sol gets caught in her natural habitat and is here to give you a performance to remember her by. Instead of wishing you sweet dreams she will make sure you get something even better for dropping by. It doesn’t matter if we are in a place that looks like it could be someone’s parents’ bedroom, it all just makes for an even greater impact to see how this girl simply stands out so much with no effort whatsoever. The comfy and fluffy mattress on this bed is probably even happier than you right now as Gloria slips out of this pair of constricting underwear to let her shapely juggs hang loose and gets ready to lay her body down.

Nobody can resist such a cute, hot and playful brunette that gets serious about making a memorable impression. From every angle possible you can see there is not a thing not to love about her curves and those spread pussy lips look so inviting. Clear as day and bright as it should be, in every single photo the levels of light are amazingly spot on, good enough to meet your expectations to the maximum. You wouldn’t want to have this kitty just lurking in the shades when she is getting ready to pounce.

Despite the beauty of this girl and her clearly gifted silhouette, we would love to see her pose in something more exciting than just another bedroom next time we come across this lovely shaped butt. Given the instance however, we can only make what is best out of the facts and you know we always appreciate goodness in every aspect possible. It is only fair to point out the greatness of this set in being exceptional both in picture, as well as the capturing of the amazing Gloria’s burning passion.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 60%
Model - 99%
Lighting - 97%
Creativity - 59%
Quality - 95%


Total Score

User Rating: 4.49 ( 6 votes)

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