Aislin in Vieska


Our Thoughts!

Blonde busty babes are a soft spot for a lot of guys for certain, and make no mistake if you ever came across Aislin flashing you her magnificent melons you would fall for the oldest trick in the book too. Don’t let her attire and flowers on display fool you, as she might seem shy at first, you know she would eat you right up if she had the chance. A most innocent looking set that is very likely where you would go for whatever reason to get your flowers but secretly wonder what lies underneath the sexy lady’s dress that is the actual reason for your visit. Well, a closer inspection might reveal that she wears absolutely nothing to under there and surely ends up revealing an incredible body as you would expect from a flower lady after all.

Firm boobs and a tight round bum, is all you can ask for in an already pleasing to the eye girl, but then again a tight sweet pussy makes your head spin from excitement when it is finally revealed. The brightness of this setting is only outdone by the pure whiteness of the walls and of course the model’s own radiant aura here. This whole set works wonders in making Aislin stand out even more when there is not a particularly novel idea or concept behind the scenes.

Arguably all photos in this case are of exceptionally high standards, precise focusing and well adjusted color palettes used. A gifted girl can make all the difference but capturing some natural and interesting poses can give it all a fine touch that makes it all stand out. In case you are still not interested in getting some flowers, you better consider the opportunities you might be missing altogether. Flowers need taking care of after all and so do the girls tending to them.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 70%
Model - 91%
Lighting - 93%
Creativity - 51%
Quality - 91%


Total Score

User Rating: 4.44 ( 4 votes)

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