Tracy Lindsay in Majezi


Our Thoughts!

Tracy Lindsay is stepping up the game and she takes us away on a magic tour to what appears to be the resort of our dreams. First things first, when visiting such a place you have to take the time to appreciate the outdoor view, take in all the glory of the scenery and then give your girl some quality time by the pool. Given the right chance and place you will get rewarded by Tracy, gracefully enchanting you with a sensual show as she fingers herself to oblivion. The light breeze and sunlight caressing her smooth silky skin are just the finishing touches on this masterpiece. There really could not be a more perfect spot to absorb the feeling this striking compilation delivers in detail. Every piece in this canvas blends in harmoniously with Tracy’s blonde hair, her fair complexion and her playful but sexy attitude. Not to omit her slender body, those cute natural tits and sweet teen pussy that steals the show ultimately!

It’s as clear as day that outdoor lights play their part to the fullest and give us a wonderful view of our model’s extensive spreading excercises. Vivid coloring and contrast is just the right tones for your eyes to feast on the bigger picture but also allowing for a closer look on the small stuff as well if you know what I mean.

We always enjoy a good setting for relaxation all while admiring the stunning view in our screens. Even more so when it’s located in a place so unique and seemingly untouched that just compliments so much more the entirety of the work done. That being said, if we take into account the smoothness and quality in these photograph series, we can certainly state that we can’t wait to get our hands on some more asap.

Scenery - 100%
Model - 85%
Lighting - 94%
Creativity - 81%
Quality - 96%


Total Score

User Rating: 4.3 ( 1 votes)


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