Blonde Linda Stripping By The Lake (Relaxed)


Summer love

Enjoying the summer means all the more new reasons and opportunities to also enjoy the refreshing sight of young beautiful female bodies by the water. Swimsuits are always optional but we do love it when there is a good build up before an even much more anticipated naked reveal. Linda looks just the girl to take with you if you also love spending time in seclusion by a peaceful lake in the middle of nowhere. Peace and quiet might also become optional since you probably would end up spending your time fooling around not before too long. But this sexy gal is already in motion and up to giving you some time to remember her by even if you don’t get to make the first move.

There is something about nature and fresh glowing girls that look their best when they are posing naked out and about in the green scenery, that hits the spot every time. Perhaps it is the combination of those small natural but perky and pointy titties that creates an even more fitting presence for this blonde to blend in with the wilds. She sure loves to act all playful and innocent, as her mood is clearly read throughout each and every photo, but she cannot help but provoke your inner demonic cravings when she bends and stretches that sparkling bouncy ass towards your face with every chance she gets.

It takes two to play this game effectively, although things are bound to get out of hand too quick with just every new provocation this foxy blonde decides to throw your way. No one would judge if all you could think of for the rest of this summer was burying your face in that fresh tight pussy all day and night long. Just remember to stay clear off the sand…

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Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 86%
Model - 93%
Lighting - 89%
Creativity - 66%
Quality - 92%


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User Rating: 4.88 ( 3 votes)

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