Sexy Leanne Lase (CASTING Leanne Lase)


A hot brunette with blue eyes

Hot, sexy and impatient brunette Leanne Lase is going all out when it comes to showing off what she’s got in front of the casting camera lens. It is an art in and of itself to appeal and impress with even the most basic and plain settings at hand, but not impossible to girls that have been granted the innate gift of beauty and work under the guidance of professional photographers that help amplify their splendor substantially. With a lustful look in her eyes, rocking her obligatory high heels together with that tasteful lingerie and displaying quite the right amount of curves on her juicy body, this broad is riding that stool on her way to the top no questions asked.

Those piercing blue eyes are no joke and you can bet she never goes by unnoticed, but it is hard to look away when she flashes her all natural boobs up in your face and gives you a good close up of her full bright ass to go along with. Stretching all over could be one of her favorite exercises like she would do once she is laying on the beach. Spreading her legs and giving us full view of those pussy lips works for us just as good if not better, and one could swear she appears to be breathing heavily while laying down bare completely in the nude. That glistening skin and stretched out ass cheeks could not be more inviting than if she was begging you for an one on one session with no questions asked.

The heat from summer time madness has struck even indoors when everyone least expected it, so we can be sure this still pale looking hottie has got some plans for getting tanned really effectively and really soon. Remember to keep an eye out for such rare creatures when you are going for a swim, as you might find a such a delicious treat hanging out by the beach without you knowing.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 54%
Model - 93%
Lighting - 91%
Creativity - 54%
Quality - 95%


Total Score

User Rating: 5 ( 2 votes)

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