Michaela Isizzu in Matrisi


Our Thoughts!

Raise your tall crystal champagne glass in a toast to the marvelous Michaela’s undeniable beauty and flawless buttocks. You can then throw the glass away since you would probably rather pour the entire bottle on her back and drink from that sweet smooth crack instead. Social gatherings of status have only one redeeming quality and that is exactly what you wish to come across – girls so stunning, that you could swear you saw them in a Bond movie. Well you can now witness such a rare creature stripping down to her heels, just next to the pool of a luxurious country mansion.

Drop dead gorgeous face, with long slender legs, firm boobs and the tight ass of a gymnast is such a rare combination that you know you have just hit the jackpot of brunettes right there. Even her tight short dress barely manages to cover this wonderful ass and it makes you ask yourself, why she would even bother getting dressed while looking this good without anything on at all. It’s a sunny day so she may as well go all out today and you can see that ass is so solid she can balance it on a rail. It is not uncommon or disheartening to simply have a set where you can thoughtlessly admire some gorgeous girl but for what it’s worth we really hoped for some skinny dipping in that pool later on.

We may have missed out on some action of what could have been a different story but we enjoy seeing this kind playful gals that can pose and get us going. It is a game of teasing after all but make sure to take notes and never forget names or faces. The picture perfect quality in such cases will make sure that you do not under any circumstances.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 81%
Model - 95%
Lighting - 83%
Creativity - 62%
Quality - 93%


Total Score

User Rating: 4.59 ( 5 votes)

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