Kathy in Amazon


Have you ever seen a naked amazon with big boobs?

There always comes the right time to get dirty. Just getting your hands dirty will not do but in this case Kathy will drag you down and get you covered in mud if you wanna keep up with this wild looking savage blonde. Maybe it has something to do with watching girls mud wrestling in arenas or it is some ancient primal instinct that works its way around some of men’s functioning circuits that makes this mess all some damn good eye candy. The lower you get, the better if you wanna level with this busty and vigorous woman on equal grounds. From the looks of it, she is no stranger to fighting for what she wants and it would be a grave mistake to take her lightly, for it could leave you exhausted and beaten.

It could be that in an alternate reality this was Kathy’s natural habitat, hunting for survival or merely satisfying her pleasures. Long thick bamboo sticks seem to be her weapon of choice, so you better not go unprepared or unequipped. You could end up eaten alive by her tribe of vicious amazons. Back to reality though, it would be an understatement to say her body will just blow your mind away. Absolutely gorgeous shaped muscles and more than well endowed in the right areas. Perhaps a little bit too much for some people’s likings but we are not here to judge preferences.

From the looks of it, this session took time until the sunset and it gives the photos this warm orange tropical light coloring that creates an incredible feeling when viewing. Presented as you would expect to see probably in a documentary for wildlife, a really unique take on a hot stunning girl that takes you far away from what you are used to picturing female beauty in.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 80%
Model - 89%
Lighting - 93%
Creativity - 80%
Quality - 92%


Total Score

User Rating: 4.75 ( 2 votes)

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