Aliana in Pink Sofa


Our Thoughts!

Smooth and seductive Aliana is just loving this big bouncy pink sofa and although pink is not our number one color of choice, we can say we happen to be big fans of pinkish things, not to mention our extreme love for bounciness on top of all that. Photo sets are really peculiar and in some instances they might trick your eyes as they give out a sense of a different environment but just as easily if taken away they can leave you with an empty space, creating an opportunity to focus on what is really happening in the foreground.

You already probably found it difficult to look away from the gorgeous Aliana anyways though so it might have taken you some time to notice there was this weird looking pink object hiding underneath her all this time. This gal has it all, body and soul, and she seems to be proficient in riding hard no matter the challenge presented. Her figure is simply mesmerizing and the way she arches her back makes you wonder about the numerous possibilities this kind of flexibility suggests. She is even rocking the high heels and gives you more spreading than is enough. A very much enjoyable shooting that is lit to perfection so that you can have a real taste of what this shining behind looks like first hand.

Needless to say that even as a seductive series of posing on this weird piece of furniture, this work does not give off much of a ground breaking vibe in the world of sensual photography. Obviously we can wish for intelligent concepts and fresh ideas, you ought to take in consideration however, the striking beauty of it all when it comes to the outcome of these images, the eroticism they portray and of course the clarity they are presented with.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 50%
Model - 98%
Lighting - 98%
Creativity - 66%
Quality - 98%


Total Score

User Rating: 2.6 ( 3 votes)

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