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Sexy tattoos, big boobs and a firm ass! (What else?)

Yet another sunny day outside which we choose to spend indoors watching closely a rather intense body that would get different reactions from different perspectives for obvious reasons. Venturing in the depths of the dim lit dressing rooms behind each set, you will find quite a few surprises, both interesting and sexy to say the least. As girls get drawn in by the procedure of applying their makeup, painting nails and styling their hair casually, it is common to come across a few of them dressing up or even stripping down in the process. If you love tight and fit bodies, with absurd proportions and doll looking broads that live and breathe every day being in the nude, you might just fit right in.

Heavy on the makeup and half dressed with sexy pieces of clothing, this brunette is determined to put on a show that will get permanently engraved into your mind. Her body is close to what a sculpture would look like as her amazingly well toned silhouette stands out with no swollen muscles yet still appearing so incredibly fit. You cannot hope to avert your eyes from those bursting mountain sized boobs that are standing tall no matter her posing as much as you try, and of course another part of you will be checking out her numerous tattoos that are spread all over her skin.

There is some primal instinct being brought to light here and a sense of wild beauty derives from this edgy and unusual looking girl. If nothing else, her back side is simply marvelous and still more natural looking that any of us would expect. She does truly know how to wear her high heels and displays some incredibly sexy posing that will have you staring into her juicy parts time and time again.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 67%
Model - 87%
Lighting - 81%
Creativity - 77%
Quality - 78%


Total Score

User Rating: 4.75 ( 4 votes)

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