Lauren Crist in Belona


Lauren’s Piercing blue eyes

The place looks all tidied up and sparkling clean, so it is a perfect opportunity for Lauren to spend some quality time alone in the living room finally after a day’s hard work is nearly over. It’s actually warm inside and she could think of a few ways to cool down a bit, so she decides to take the quickest and most obvious approach, which also happens to be our favourite one. Getting naked on the spot and letting her hot body drop its temperature as nature intended can only lead to one thing. She won’t even bother sitting right on the sofa, as this girl has some shapely tall legs and even if she wanted otherwise, they take up so much space.

From the looks of it she knows that her perfect ass is only making things heat up more and much like this sofa, we know you would love to rub against its smooth and glossy surface even if it burns you. So while she waits, she can’t help pinching her nipples and stretching all over the place, with her ass is all up in the air. You can already tell how her bald little pussy is hungry by the way it has swallowed those panties up, even before she even touched it. Only moments later it is so soft and moist from anticipation and Lauren is anxiously looking around hoping for something exciting and pleasurable to take place.

She will not stop spreading those tight buttocks of hers and the picture looks so vivid and alive that you can almost get a taste of how soft and refreshing it would feel like to slide right in between them. Nothing is quite like a satisfying close up of a sexy brunette’s juicy crevice served with abundant quality and flawless detail.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 76%
Model - 92%
Lighting - 97%
Creativity - 67%
Quality - 99%


Total Score

User Rating: 3.72 ( 3 votes)

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