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Layla Watering The Plants Naked (Garden Sprite)

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Layla, Gorgeous as Ever

Gorgeous as ever Layla is always thrilled and ecstatic about watering the plants and she loves taking the initiative to teach others everything she knows about gardening. It is after all an activity that pays off in time and slowly but surely she gets to feel that particular joy and see the reward of her labor as well as that of the hours spent in caretaking and looking after. But as she is always so dedicated and working hard for the plants, it is only natural that she needs some tending to herself. She does look so captivating and beautiful in that glamorous red dress but not wanting to make a mess of it she would do best to just remove it for the time being.

Seeing that she hasn’t had enough of the attention brought on her so far, she will take this opportunity to share with you all of her most breathtaking natural body sights that she has been keeping hidden. And if so far you thought that nothing could compare to her radiant smile and cute perfect teen face, then you have been terribly mistaken. Sweet little Layla holds a body so slim and magnificent that she can happily boast about a number of its traits. Her small but all natural boobies are but a tasty initial treat with her already hardened nipples giving away plenty of her secret desires. What lies even further down the path are her two smooth and tight long legs that every guy would love to see wrapped around him gripping strongly as the figure of this sexy doll rests right between their arms.

Finally when you see up close this hot brunette’s wet tender pussy, you will be convinced there is nothing you would rather spend the rest of your day doing than go down watering her plant and watch her as she screams for more and more.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 80%
Model - 95%
Lighting - 95%
Creativity - 75%
Quality - 96%


Total Score

User Rating: 4.18 ( 4 votes)

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