Nude Ginger Jia Lissa Playing With a Red Rose (Artyo)


A ginger with green eyes and pink pussy? What the fuck!!

Whenever a captivating redhead makes an appearance the whole world stops briefly and takes a good look before moving on. Well some of us demand more than just a brief moment in time to focus our attention appropriately. So if you also agree in the seriousness of appreciating a proper ginger beauty, you should consider devoting some of your time to the lovely Jia Lissa and her fiery red natural assets. Harmoniously paired with her light pale complexion, this girl reveals at once her ginger certificate and without any shadow of doubt has her audience on their toes.

Her rosy features only compliment her already sublime image, as she slips out her rock hard nipple and slowly reveals that amazing pink shaved pussy that lies bare, just waiting to be savored. Already loving the fruity taste of her own body, she just goes ahead and slides her finger into her mouth, only to end up exploring deeper down again. The touch of a rose is a sensation that tingles and excites, but it can only get this burning desire to an even wilder and raging extent. Soon the situation will escalate and blow out of proportions if she does not take matters into her own hands. Rather resulting to her fingering her way to pleasure, it is sure to get her wet and in the mood for more.

Flexible and horny, little miss Jia Lissa might turn her back on the camera, but she will just keep stretching her soft ass cheeks and pussy until she cools down a bit from the rubbing and steamy thoughts. Who knows what will go down next in this fairy tale in which she is now starring in? Maybe Gingerella will find a good way to get some more pleasure till she hits her sweet spot and falls asleep satisfied.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 59%
Model - 89%
Lighting - 95%
Creativity - 77%
Quality - 93%


Total Score

User Rating: 3.64 ( 7 votes)

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