Stunning KillerQ Getting Naked (StasyQ 280)


A sexy blonde with killing pair of tits

Revealing to the maximum and holding nothing back, the femme fatale KillerQ is here on a deadly mission. She has been rigorously training and has perfected the art of seduction, honing both her body and mind all for the sake of conquering her targets completely. We would be willing victims either way in sight of such a blonde gorgeous bombshell that comes dressed to kill and knows nothing but how to achieve victory in the battles she fights with her body on the line. You can tell a lot just by looking at a super mini skirt and what so blatantly lies visible beneath it, but this girl’s high heels just add another layer of kink on top of the gratifying first impression she lets on.

This type of crazy hot chick look makes your eyes move from her bottom to the top in careful and slow consideration while you picture what she looks like naked right from the very first second. Before you even flinch however, this flaming bombshell unleashes her massive juicy boobs right on the tip of your nose as you begin to process what goes on and what she is thinking. You will very much likely have to take a second and third turn looking at these photos to try and get your eyes unstuck from those all mighty magnetic mounds of pleasure.

So if you now think that you are done drooling then you are clearly mistaken, for this unbelievable babe has the silhouette and curves of an overly exaggerated cartoon sex idol. She unmistakably looks better in the nude than she does with her clothes on, but she probably already knows by the silly grin on everyone’s face when they look at her straight in the tits. But it is all about knowing the facts in this stage and KillerQ likes staring down the camera lens knowing you would do anything to have her go down on you in return.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 60%
Model - 90%
Lighting - 82%
Creativity - 68%
Quality - 87%


Total Score

User Rating: 3 ( 5 votes)

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