OseeQ in StasyQ 162


Our Thoughts!

Shady and weird looking apartment – check, comfortable large black leather armchair – check, hot blonde in nothing but a sexy lace thong – double check. You might see works of art displayed in grand halls and spectacular buildings on a regular basis, but you know you can enjoy a classy masterpiece of an ass even in a derelict looking flat and you can take your time admiring its glory from where you are standing. Up close and personal this booty looks so delicious and juicy that you could just take a bite out of it.

Even if you stand with the faction of firm boobs lovers your girl is gifted with a set of breasts that can qualify for satisfying your motorboating needs and never even stopping there. Keep your eyes peeled on this blonde as this photo shoot goes light with touches of shadow, and then to dark with bright spots and then plays some more with your vision. Even though situated next to the window, some light and shadow play can give you a taste of the hidden mysteries a body appears to reveal if you just look at it right.

Sometimes in point of view and sometimes in a different perspective, tempting and suggestive but never too revealing this viewpoint is certainly intriguing and will absolutely leave you wanting more and more of this blonde goodness. Given the form of every pose and in conjunction with the lights or even the focus of each shot you can assert that the main objective here seems to be the impressive body figure and lines that create this vision, not to be distracted by a beautiful face. Stunning visuals and brilliant delivery of every pose in a unique manner that steps up the quality game. Conclusively it is a sensational work, carefully conceived and executed, one/ that could only be surpassed solely with a real hands on experience I am sure.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 66%
Model - 92%
Lighting - 73%
Creativity - 89%
Quality - 88%


Total Score

User Rating: 2.35 ( 2 votes)

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