KiraQ in StasyQ 263


Red Lips, big boobs and a bubble butt

Red white and black colours blend in perfectly in today’s motif as the dark and gloomy looking weather lurks outside these giant window-panes. This calls for something hot on the indoors to lift your spirits up high and give you motivation as well as entertainment. If red hot lips and panties will not do the trick on their own, Kira has some more aces up her sleeve to help you get your game on. Sexy brunette babes with long hair are on a league of their own but it gets even better when you add some spice to an already unique flavor. Be it a kink or the look resembling a rebellious teen in her prime, tattooed skin is quite the turn on for a number of guys with the taste for it.

Even in the occasion that you prefer your women to be tattoo free, Kira has quite an abundance of devilish and tempting perks about her body that would get your attention and maybe shift your views somewhat. Equipped with an absurdly smooth and well toned booty, we can most certainly guarantee your hands to be itching for a touch and maybe spanking a few extra times that ass, just to see her bite her lips from sheer pleasure. You probably can’t help but notice also how flat her belly is, making those full bouncy boobs stand out so much more.

Ever so provoking, this girl has an inexplicable aura of impatience and longing for something to make her feel alive tonight. In spite of this setting looking sometimes cold with bluish tones, and a few instances of a red warmer light, the feeling is consistent and the insatiable Kira sparks quite the flames within the viewer’s eyes. Sexy and beautiful posing that really gets the message directly across.

Photoshoot Review

Scenery - 66%
Model - 90%
Lighting - 86%
Creativity - 84%
Quality - 91%


Total Score

User Rating: 4.25 ( 1 votes)

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